Newborn & Baby 


Newborns are a beautiful gift and having a newborn baby is one of life’s little treasures

I adore photographing newborns as there is something so natural so pure about capturing a newborn within its first few weeks into this world.

This is probably going to be one of the most exciting, sweetest and also memorable times of your life. Having a newborn is one of the hardest yet most rewarding thing that you will ever do. These moments are fleeting and there is no better time than now to capture this precious moment in its truest form. Those little features, hands, feet will only stay so fresh for such little time.

My job is to give you, the parent, memories that not only you will cherish but also love. These images will constantly remind you of the way your baby was and how much they have grown.

Newborn Sessions take place in my home studio in Bristol BS4 4AS. Its best to have your session before 2 weeks old to achieve those curly, sleepy poses. Sessions may take from 2-4 hrs depending on your little one as we may need to stop for feeding. I provide a relaxed environment for you all, my sessions are not rushed and refreshments are provided.

During the session I will make sure your baby is safe, comfortable and also posed correctly. With my experience I will make your newborn session a wonderful and memorable time for you to remember.

You are more than welcome to bring along any personal items to the session which you would like in the photographs. 


Baby & Sitter

If you didn't get the opportunity to have your newborn session then I assure you that this is the next best time. Your baby would have grown and developed their own little personality through time and most babies at this age are just so happy and love to play. I love capturing babies as you truly get to see their little personalities, their cute gummy smiles, those gorgeous stares and just the pureness and innocence.

With my sessions I love to make my portraits look amazing on your walls with the use of beautiful backgrounds and props that are all handmade from around the world.

Baby sessions are from 3 - 7 months but for these sessions we are limited to using certain props for safety reasons. Still we can achieve some beautiful portraits of  your baby. 

Sitter sessions are best taken when your baby can sit unassisted so usually from 7 – 10 months. Sessions take place in the privacy of my studio or if you prefer location is available. So lets create some beautiful portraits of your baby and capture this amazing time.



All my newborn and babies sessions include
Beautiful outfits, props and accessories,
Preparation the photographer for the session
Work in my studio (BS7 0PB)
Session time 2-3 hrs
Photographer's experience and talent
Selected number of prints 7.5x5" (from 8 images)
Unique original editing of photos (8 - 10 hours of work)
Work on the highest quality photographic equipment
2 - 5 outfits / set ups

£75 non refundable deposit is due on booking day to secure your space and will be deducted for the reminder
The payment for package needs to be paid on the session day by cash, card or transfer.
Gallery will be ready within 14 working days. 




Session in my studio up to 1.5 hour
Pictures of Baby and Parents
Exclusive outfits and props in large selection
Exclusive dresses for Mums

2 different set up
5 edited digital images in high resolution



Session in my studio up to 2 hours
Pictures of baby and your family (Partner and children)
Exclusive outfits and props in large selection

Exclusive dresses for Mums
3-4 different set up
9 edited digital images in high resolution 
9 prints 7.5x5" matching of your digitals 



Session in my studio up to 2-3 hours 
Pictures of baby and your family (Partner and children)
Exclusive outfits and props in large selectionExclusive dresses for Mums
5 different set up
18 edited digital images in high resolution on USB
18 prints 8x6" matching of your digitals 
£50 voucher towards wall art / Folio Box / Prestige Album ot 
towards Sitter Session - Standard or Exclusive Package

Session in my Client's house costs min. £35 plus (depends on distance)
Each extra image (digital file) costs £30
Courier costs (post and packaging) starts from £6